Hail Caesar! Game Review:

What Our Players Think of Rival’s New Slot Game

Introducing Hail Caesar! 

This July, Rival Powered games launched its latest slot game, Hail Caesar! This new slots game sports 5 reels, 25 lines, a low volatility rate and a 95.4% RTP (Return-To-Player) rate! Celebrate the Roman Empire and indulge in the abundance of Roman Triumph Free Spins, Sticky Wild Re-spins, The Ides of March Pick-A-Bonus and a Roman Coin 2nd Chance feature which gives players automatic re-spins! Welcome to the Colosseum! Veni, Vidi, Vici!

Betting and Prizes on Hail Caesar 

On Hail Caesar, bets start at R0.10 and go all the way up to R62.50, and winning combinations on Hail Caesar range from 3x to 5x. The 5x Wild symbol multiplier (which is a symbol that replaces any other symbol – besides Scatters, Bonuses and Triggers – to create a winning line) features the animated reimagination of the face of Caesar. 

The Scatters on Hail Caesar give away Free Spins and Bonus Rounds. Roman Triumph Free Spins are symbolised by the golden eagle. 3x gives you 10 Free Spins, 4x gives 15 Free Spins, and 5x gives 20 Free Spins. 

The Bonus Round feature is symbolised by the Roman Coin. These are Sticky Wilds that offer players re-spins. When 2 Roman Coins are held in place and an automatic re-spin is awarded, you get the Ides of March Bonus which is an opportunity to win coins. When you receive the Ides of March Bonus, a new screen appears where players must select assassins and the bonus round ends when the ‘X’ is revealed. It is basically an in-game mini-game of minesweeper but with Roman Assassins. 

Hail Caesar Slots Features 

As we’ve established, there are different kinds of symbols on Hail Caesar. The first 2 lots of symbols that we have looked at are Wild Symbols and Scatter Wins. The 3rd lot we are going to look at is Regular Symbols. Regular Symbols are those that appear all throughout the game. These include the temple, bust statue, labrys, Cleopatra, chalice, laurel, vase, chariot and the helmet. 

Hail Caesar Theme and Design

The slots game is set outside the historical Colosseum. The Colosseum flags wave gently in the wind as the dust blows about as you play for your share of the Empire’s abundance. As the hypnotic music draws you in, the high-quality graphics and rapid speed of the spinning slots hold your attention, making Hail Caesar feel like a fast-paced battle against the odds. In addition, Hail Caesar has a Line Chart feature that shows players all 25 lines in chart format in order to help them understand how they work and what they look like. 

In Conclusion

Hail Caesar may be a new game, but it has the potential to be a fan favourite. Throw yourself into the realm of the Roman Empire because this chapter in history is a chapter well worth engaging in. Play Hail Caesar now with 10 Free Introductory Spins using promo code FBH1 and earn your keep, brought to you by the Romans.