Lady Luck Smiles at New FatBet Player!

Over R800,000.00 won just after the South African online casino launch.

Just a short while after the launch of FatBet, 46 hours to be exact, the online casino had its first big winner! Mandy-Anne* (*not a real name) deposited R200 into her FatBet Casino account online. Not long after playing Mythic Wolf, she won a massive R801,243.06, and today, she has agreed to tell us the story of how taking a chance led to an unexpectedly massive reward! 

On 22 June 2022, Mandy-Anne* was scrolling through the internet looking for a place to visit with her husband Joe*. She had plans to surprise her husband with a weekend getaway at what she describes as “a really nice and affordable place to chill, but with slots, because Joe can’t get enough of them when we’re on holiday”. She figured she had racked up enough savings by the time her online search began, and after clicking through a few resort casino websites and taking notes, she saw a Google ad titled ‘South African Casinos’. Thinking it was a list that would help her narrow down the search, she clicked on the link and was directed to the best online casino site in South Africa. Both annoyed and intrigued, she decided to click on what she called “a random blue button” and see what all the fuss was about – and “try to understand what exactly my husband found enjoyable about gambling”. That ‘random blue button’ redirected her to FatBet Casino online

She signed up for an account, and immediately found out that as a new player, she had received a Welcome Bonus of R500 for FREE, 150 Free Spins on her 1st deposit and up to R25,000.00 to play with using a promo code: FATB500. Not knowing what any of this meant, trying to recall all those moments when she zoned out while her husband explained, Mandy-Anne clicked on the yellow “CLAIM NOW” button and hoped for the best. In the Cashier section of the online casino, she entered her promo code FATB500, but before clicking submit she recalled saying to herself “Nobody gets money for free – no way, not possible”, she proceeded to deposit R200 into her FatBet Casino account and clicked submit with the promo code already in place. 

While waiting, she made a trip to the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea, and upon her return, she found a R700 balance and 150 Free Spins loaded into her account. In sheer disbelief, she sat down and stared at her laptop screen for a while. After a few seconds, she went into the casino lobby and was overwhelmed. “So many games! I didn’t even know what to choose, so I went for the most popular one”, she told us. She played Mythic Wolf for a while. When she was down to her last R40.00. She was fed up, and annoyed, and didn’t understand what, if anything, was appealing about this so using that R40.00, she clicked auto-spin, chose 5 rounds and gulped down her tea. That’s when she heard it – THE JACKPOT BELL!

In complete shock, she watched her FatBet Casino jackpot amount rise, and rise, and rise, until it reached R801,243.06! In a panic, she slammed her laptop shut and walked away very slowly, perhaps in an effort to digest what had just happened… At that moment, Mandy-Anne* said that she had lost track of time and her husband was coming home from visiting the grandkids soon. She quickly gathered herself, got into her evening routine, and acted as if nothing had happened. 

Sleepless, she went over to her laptop in the middle of the night and opened up FatBet Casino again. She went directly to the cashier section. Sitting there, waiting for her to withdraw it, was indeed R801,243.06. She was both relieved and confused but proceeded to click the withdraw button. While waiting for the funds to clear, she suddenly remembered a place in the Cape Winelands where she and Joe* had always wanted to go back. They visited the Winelands before their first was born and made some of their best memories. That’s when she decided – “This is IT! This is where we’re going”. 

Within a matter of days, she had flights booked, the family informed, packed and ready for their trip. Just before leaving, she paid for her youngest’s University fees, put some in a retirement investment account, and bought a brand new, state-of-the-art Brother sewing machine. Once Joe’s* birthday came around, she and Joe then went on their surprise adventure and the rest, you could say, was history. 

“I can’t thank South African Casinos enough for leading me to FatBet Casino”, she said. “I showed it to my hubby the moment we got back and he also fell in love. Now I understand why he enjoys playing slots in his free time. I got so lucky, and I’m so grateful”. Joe* and Mandy-Anne’s* child is now enjoying her first year in varsity, and Mandy-Anne* is spending a lot of time with her new sewing machine. 

Proof that with FatBet Casino, anything is possible.