New Player Strikes Gold With R85 000!

Player Turns Deposit Into Jackpot Winnings.

Edward* (* not a real name) was a first-time player at FatBet Casino online. He had tried a few other online casinos and some sports betting sites, with little to no success and since then, he hadn’t played any casino games for a long while, until he found FatBet.

By day, he is a Financial Manager and has recently started a construction company with two of his best friends. By night, he’s a single father of 2 bubbly children whom he absolutely adores. 

Edward* signed up to FatBet and made his first deposit. He looked around the site for a little while to find a game that he could enjoy, as every new player does. He played 4 out of our 5 top slots games on FatBet and hit a massive jackpot of R80 000  that day! 

At first, he didn’t believe he had won because he thought he was playing on Demo Mode using our FUN Money. It completely slipped his mind that he had already made a deposit and claimed his Welcome Bonus

He played some more, and won R5000! He was about to log out when he decided to check out his cashier to see how much of this “FUN Money he had accumulated. It was only then that he realised that he had won R85 000 in real money! 

Edward* said that after the shock wore off, he was bouncing off the walls with excitement! He quickly contacted our Customer Support Team for some reassurance as he thought there could have possibly been a glitch in the cashier system.  

Our support team confirmed that he had indeed won just over R85 000 and asked whether he would like to withdraw his winnings or stay and play. He hastily replied “YES”, in excitement, and didn’t realise that he did not choose an option. 

He then sent a text saying he would like to withdraw R80 000 and leave the remaining R5000 in his casino cashier to play with later because “who knows – I might just get lucky again!” We absolutely appreciated his enthusiasm. 

After his withdrawal was processed, he contacted us to thank us once more, and let us know that he has referred FatBet Casino to his 2 best friends and business partners. We are very excited for them to join the FatBet Community of High-Rollers.

Edward’s* been a working professional for just over 15 years and says that he is one of the lucky few who have been both willing and able to pursue his dream careers, and now, with his winnings in savings accounts, he can encourage his children to do the same. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to bet on yourself, as Edward* did. Login to your FatBet account and try your luck. You never know just how much you can win. 

*Please Note: In order to protect the peace and privacy of our winners, we have not used their real names.