Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon Slots Game Review

What Players Can Expect in This Arctic-Inspired Game

Introducing Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon 

Known by most as the ‘Northern Lights’, Aurora Borealis are beautiful natural light shows caused by a high-speed influx of energised solar particles slamming into Earth’s upper atmosphere and redirected towards the north pole by Earth’s magnetic field in order to protect us. This crazy anomaly is the inspiration for this online slot game.  

Launched in March of 2022, the Mystic Wolf slot game is undoubtedly not Rival’s latest instalment, however, it is new to our catalogue, so we decided to find out what our players think, and let you know what you can expect. 

Betting and Prizes on Mythic Wolf 

There are 5 reels and 720 different ways to win on Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon. Bets start as low as R0.25 all the way up to R62.50. Betting is broken down into Coin Value and the Number of Coins you are willing to bet with at that value. For example, if you have decided that you want 1 coin to be valued at R0.25 and would like to play with 10 coins, your total bet amount would be R2.50. 

Symbol combinations range between 3 and 5, and there are 3 kinds of Wild multiplier symbols listed as 2x, 3x, and 5x. These Wild symbols are deep blue in colour. 3 types of Free Spin Scatters are also available on Mystic Wolf ranging from 3x which gives you 8 Free Spins, 4x which gives you 12 Free Spins and finally 5x which gives you 20 Free Spins! 

Mythic Wolf’s Slots Features

Like most slot games, there 3 groups of symbols – Royal Card symbols (J, Q, K, A) and the numbers 9 & 10 being the first lot. A second lot of symbols are made up of oil-painting style symbols such as husky imagery, a diamond, the full moon and an eagle. Scatters and Wilds complete the set of symbols – Wilds being deep blue with icy white text and the Free Spins scatters being beautiful brown and purple feathers. 

Theme and Design on Mythic Wolf: Sacred Moon

As the single wolf howls, you are sent into the arctic. With a full moon as your accompaniment, you have a frozen lake as a backdrop and the Northern Lights flashing across the sky. Winning lines glow brightly, letting you know that you’ve done it again. When you have big wins, the glorious husky runs fierce toward you. 

The music in Mythic Wolf is attuned to everyone’s inner Eskimo. Sweet flues and chimes accompany the animation well as it is in no way jarring or abrupt. Mythic Wolf also has a pop-up explainer box letting you know how the game works, what bonuses are available and how best to play the game. More information is available in the menu bar [displayed as ‘≡’]

In Conclusion

Embrace the Arctic experience with Mythic Wolf. The dim light and deep colour palette make it perfect for the night owls, who prefer the light of the moon. The 94% RTP and low volatility make it worth every player’s while. Dreamcatcher Wheel Bonuses and Double Up features enhance the player experience by giving you big coin payouts and an opportunity to increase your winnings by 50% – 100%. Join the wolf pack. What do you have to lose?