Fatbet Casino recognizes that gambling can become a problem for some users. Therefore, we provide users with the ability to exclude themselves from using our services, or to use other responsible gambling tools that we provide, such as timeouts or financial limits.

Age Restriction

FatBet Casino does not provide services to anyone under the age of 18. To use them, you must be of legal gambling age in your jurisdiction. A player under the legal gambling age in their jurisdiction will forfeit their winnings from our casino. We reserve the right to ask for proof of your age and close or suspend your account until satisfactory proof is provided. Minors are prohibited from playing.


You can request for us to exclude you from using our Services for a certain period of time by contacting our Support team via live chat or email ([email protected].). In doing so, you acknowledge and agree that we will block your Account from wagering for the requested period starting as soon as possible after receipt of your request. When you self-exclude, we will attempt to return your Withdrawable Funds to you. Should you wish to reactivate your Account, you may only do so by contacting our Support team and requesting in writing that the self-exclusion be lifted.

Setting Financial Limits

You also have the option to set a limit on your Account, in connection with the amount of you wager within a specific period of time, the number of losses you may incur within a specified period of time and the amount of time you may play in one session. To set such a limit, please contact our Support team.

In the event you would like to adjust or revoke the limit set by you, you will need contact our Support team and provide us a notice in writing.

When you request to decrease the maximum limits set by you, the request will take effect immediately.

When you request to increase the maximum limits set by you, the request will take effect after a cooling off period of seven days.

Any deposit limit that you set will only be applied to this Website.