Volcano Blast 10X Game Review:

Is Rival’s New Slots Game Worth It?

Introduction Volcano Blast 10x! 

Rival is back with another new installment launched on September 26th 2022. Volcano Blast 10X is a high-definition animated video slot game set on a Polynesian island. Here, a massive volcano groans and grumbles, threatening to explode with mega wins and wilds. This exciting 3-reel slots game has low volatility, 3 playlines, and a huge RTP (Return-To-Player) rate of around 94.5%. Let’s take a trip to the remote island and see what Volcano Blast 10X is all about! 

Volcano Blast’s Betting and Prizes

Bets on Volcano Blast start at a meagre amount of R0,01 up to R45,00 across 3 coins and 3 lines. The 10x in Volcano Blast 10x is no joke. The unique feature in the game is a 10x Magma Wild. Landing one of these earns you 10x the amount won from a winning combination, landing two of these Wild symbols gets you 100x the winning combination, and landing 3 of 10x Magma Wilds earns you 334x the betting amount! No other game we know of does that. 

Slots Features on Volcano Blast 10x

Since it’s set in the Polynesian Islands, you can expect to see tropical flowers, tribal tiki masks, the legendary 10x Magma Wild symbols, and sweet mango, pineapple and mango icons! Accompanying them are beautiful tropical trees and a fiery stream of magma pouring down the volcanic mountain. Volcano Blast 10x also has an auto-spin function that starts from 3 auto-spins and goes all the way to 99! You can also adjust your play speed, and the alignment of your game controls in the settings tab displayed as ‘≡’. 

Volcano Blast’s Theme and Design 

The team at Rival really worked hard on this one. The animation and graphics are of exceptional quality, the music is quite good and the game sounds aren’t too jarring or offensive. People often think that games with 3 reels aren’t quite as entertaining as games with 4 or more, but we think that if this game had more reels, the screen would be way too crowded, and unpleasant to play. It’s the perfect game to play when you want to take some time away from the hubbub of regular life and win some cash to take your next vacation at the same time. 

In Conclusion

Volcano Blast 10x is the perfect game to play in the new season. It is also in the running to become a new favourite along with Incan Rich and Hail Ceasar. Each of these games has high-quality graphics, high RTP rates, and geographic marvels which would easily attract the traveller’s spirit. Although it has far fewer playlines than our most popular games, the music in Volcano Blast 10x is relaxing, the playability is both easy and adjustable and the betting starts at next to nothing, making it less risky and much more fun! It’s 100% worth playing.